Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar Review

The Kadence frontier is specially designed for beginner guitarists or who are still learning to use it. The low price makes beginner guitarists rely on the frontier series as their learning companion. Its features are very friendly to non-proficient fingers, light to grip, and not easily damaged.


The fretboard shows the rosewood and the strings using round wound strings. To control the strings, Kadence installed controllers made of stainless steel. Kadence frontier with cutaway design, you can see an indentation near the neck of the guitar, which means it makes it easier for the user to reach the top fret.

Not all sellers provide guitar bags. But at some of the well-known online stores in India, they give bonus plectrums, strings, and ropes.

Kadence Guitar Features

Every feature in the Kadence Frontier is very convenient for beginner guitarists. The material is made of premium material so that it produces a good sound like rosewood on the fretboard, which is capable of producing a loud acoustic accompaniment.

The guitar’s body is made of durable rosewood and spruce; the longer you rely on this guitar to play, the better the sound quality. East Indian Rosewood is the type of wood most often used on guitar fretboards because of its fine texture, a material often seen on the back of high-end guitars.

Every Kadence Frontier guitar purchase comes with an equalizer, 6 string round cuts, and uses an external cable. Measuring 39 inches, this guitar is very comfortable to hold. Wherever you take this guitar, the sound quality will not change.

The wood most often used at the top of this guitar is Sitka, capable of producing a wide and dynamic sound range, accommodating all musical styles. Sitka spruce is the standard wood in this modern era that you can find on Taylor’s guitar.


  • Beginner’s best friend, the best choice for guitar practice and lessons.
  • Prices are relatively cheap when compared to other brands.
  • High quality, beautiful design, and a perfect fit for any music or style of the user.
  • Easy to grip and easy to play, making it easier for beginner guitarists to learn to improve finger skills.
  • The cutaway design makes it easy for fingers to reach the top fret.
  • Firwood and rosewood are known to be durable; the wood’s quality does not reduce the sound quality. Not easy to break or scratch.
  • Complete with accessories makes it easier for beginners to get to know the supporting components of guitar playing.
  • Complete with installed tuner and pickup.
  • Produces a powerful bass sound, good quality, and loud.
  • The sound volume is excellent.
  • Suitable for all groups such as men and women.
  • Available in various color options.


  • You will need to replace the premium strings for better sound quality.
  • Including challenging for beginners, having to get used to feeling pain every time you play high notes.
  • It is a bit difficult to change the guitar strings because the pins are substandard.
  • Stem guitars are not efficient; the strings have to be adjusted frequently. Beginners need the help of a tutor to adjust the sound of the strings.


  • Although not perfect, the Kadence Frontier guitar is the right choice for beginners because there are so many bad guitars on the market that affect the user’s playing quality.
  • Premium quality low budget guitar.
  • Minimalist, so many beginner guitarists like it.
  • You can replace the strings with a better brand because good wood is not directly proportional to the strings, which are the breath of this guitar.
  • The tuner pins may be of standard quality, but they are still worth buying as they are much worse than this.

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