Top 5 Best Smart Phones Below Rs 17000

Having a pricey mobile phone will never hurt. It is an excellent way to make your life easy. If you get a lavish smartphone that might be anywhere around Rs 15000 or more, you are inviting a lot of features, and hence you will be at a benefit. We all want that life should be high in every way. So, to enhance the quality of it, you should invest in the best smartphones. Check the options below Rs 17000.

Best Smart Phones below Rs 17000

1. Realme 6

Realme6 is a good phone, and it has some advanced features too.

• Price around Rs 16000

• Good display screen

• Best in speed

• Durable

• Great design

2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

It is a good phone, and the features that you get are just excellent.

• Price is around Rs 16900

• Perfect camera

• Performance is too good

• Easy to use

• Best design

3. Poco M2 Pro

Poco is a popular option, and in smartphones, this is a good model. The features are:

• Good battery life

• Easy to work with

• Perfect in looks

• Great design

• Creative show

• Best in performance

4. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

If you love to opt for Redmi phones, then this one is a good option. Check the features:

• Price is around Rs 16500

• Great in design

• Perfect display

• Attractive looks

• Best battery with long life

5. Oppo F11 Pro

Check the features here:

• The price is around Rs 16900

• The look is too good

• The phone is best in performance

• Easy to handle and use

• Best battery

When you have to get a pricey smartphone, the concern that you will have is, will the phone work well? If you take proper care, then it should. You should also invest in good accessories, and hence the phone will be saved from a fall.

If you buy an expensive phone and get damaged for no reason, you will surely feel bad about the same. So, before you feel terrible, it would be better to take the right action.

  • You should check the available brands.
  • Once you have done the research, you should check if there are good and trendy models available or not.
  • You should set a budget and get ahead in that fashion only.
  • Often you might think that the latest phones will have robust features. But it is not so. You can get the best deal for sure.
  • You can check the online media as the best source and find the items that would be good for you.
  • The phone, which is around 17000, will have a good battery and good performance.

A lot more phones which can also be in your list

  • Huawei Honor 9X 6GB RAM
  • Oppo A52
  • Vivo Z1
  • Samsung Galaxy M 21
  • Samsung Galaxy M40
  • Oppo A31
  • Oppo A5

So, when you shortlist the options, you will come across a lot. But you should do some research and then check what will be a great one for you.

You should also check the phone available on the web, and when you order online, just see if the specifications suit your need. A phone can also be a good gift and so always buy something as per the features and then if that suits the age group then you should get it.

Just find what suits your needs, and based on that, you can set the budget as well, and this will work as the guide book as to what phone would be a great choice.…

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