Best Pedestal Fans in India

iBELL WINDP10 Pedestal Fan

· This fan comes in with a five-leaf high-quality motor.

· It has a unique body design that comes in with a steel and plastic finish.

· The fan comes in with a 55-watt motor power, which is enough for a small room.

· It also has a copper motor, which can stay for a longer time.

· It also comes with a copper propeller, which makes it light and durable.

· It also has a five-leaf silent pedestal feature, which means that this fan will produce less sound.

· It also has a higher delivery range as compared to others.

· It also has a remote control, which is ideal if you want to use it at home and offices.

· Due to remote control, it is the price at a higher stake, but it is decent compared to others.

· It also comes with a sweep oscillation feature and has three-speed control optimization.

· The device also comes in with a two-hour timer and has a Whisper-quiet operation technology.

· It also has a self-lubricating motor, which is one of the best features of this fan.

· It also comes in with a one-year warranty by the company with a one-year additional warranty.

· It is a decent looking fan with minimal features and has a sturdy grill over its propeller.

· You can also get various offers and EMI options.

Usha Mist Air Icy 400mm

· This one is from a brand called USHA. They are famous for their motor fans and electronic products in India. This is one of the best pedestal fan in India.

· It comes in with a 55 watts power output is enough for a small room or an office.

· It has aerodynamically design Motor fans, which makes it faster and can EMIT more air.

· It has a copper metal design and has high durability factors.

· The design also comes in with overheat protection.

· In case of more power or fluctuating power, it will automatically cut the supply.

· It also comes in with step by step installation feature and is easily transportable due to its detaching parts.

· The motor also comes in with an air delivery rate of 69 cubics per meter in a minute.

· It comes in with a jerk-free oscillation.

· Usha mist air also provides us with low noise and high power output.

· The design of this fan matches the previous one.

· It has a brighter color scheme. The materials on this one are far better as compared with others.

· The only thing that this fan lacks is the missing remote control feature.

Orient Electric Stand-82 400mm

· This fan is from a brand called Orient. They are famous for their electronic products, especially with home leisure.

· This fan comes in with high material support as they used a polypropylene copolymer fan propeller.

· It also weighs around 6KG. It is easier to transport as it has lightweight.

· It has a bright color scheme when compared to others on this list.

· The design matches with others and does not amaze us.

· It has a high power motor which is enough for a small room and office.

· It has an auto-swing option that can work fluently.

· It has a detachable part, making it even easier to transport or carry it around in your car.

· The base of this fan comes in with plastic and shiny steel coating.

· It also has high air output and works silently.

· Overall, it is a decent catch according to the price segment, but the only disadvantage it has is due to lack of power. It doesn’t emit high power airflow.…

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